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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy addresses the information we collect when you use our website.

About us

Predicta is a digital media solutions hub that ensures more intelligence, efficiency and optimization in digital media initiatives. The company has been in the digital market for almost 20 years, offers a wide solution portfolio and serves the largest brands and agencies in Brazil. Predicta is committed to offering the highest level of service and support, with a team of experts able to manage Google’s digital advertising platforms. Predicta’s solutions:

  • Programmatic media management
  • Adserver management
  • Dynamic Creatives
  • Data collection and integration
  • Dashboards structuring
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud solution

To contact us you can send an email to

Predicta is in line with market demands and legislation and has a data protection officer. Any doubts about the use of your personal data can be solved using this contact form .

How do we use the data that are collected on our website:


When you browse our website and view the informations, lots of cookies are used to enable the website to function, collect useful information about visitors and help make the user experience better.

For more information on the use of cookies, see our cookie policy.

Contact Form

When you send us a message through the form “Contact Us”, we ask for your name and e-mail.

These are personal data that we use to answer for your message by email. We also can send you some emails after your contact in order to track your interest and ensure that our response met your needs. We’ll do this based on our legitimate interest in providing accurate information to all those who come to us.

After the resolution of your request, we will keep your consultation on file until the date of the next periodic cleaning of our database, at which time emails will be deleted.


When you subscribe to our newsletter, we ask some informations about you: your name and e-mail.

We will ask for your consent to use your name and email address to email you our newsletter, which contains information about the market, informational materials we produce and other information that we believe will be of interest to you.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, and we will stop sending it.

We keep your personal data for a period while we produce and send our newsletter. If you remove your consent, we will mark your data so that it will not be used immediately and later we will delete it from our database.

Your rights as a data owner

It is your right to ask us what information we have about you and to be able to correct it if it is inaccurate. If we ask for your consent to process your personal data, you can remove it at any time.

You can request that your data be deleted, as long as its maintenance is not essential for our business or for legal reasons.

You have the right to request that your personal data be anonymized (information that can identify you removed) if you believe that it is excessive or in breach of the law.

To submit a request for your personal data, use the contact information provided at the bottom of our website or in the “About Us" section of this policy.

Updates to this privacy policy

We regularly review and, if appropriate, update this privacy policy from time to time, as our services and use of personal data evolve.

If we wish to use your personal data in a way that we have not previously identified, we will contact you to provide information about this and, if necessary, request your consent.

We will update the version number and date of this document whenever it is changed and will post this update on our homepage so that all interested parties can read the new terms.

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